Why are we doing this?

  • Are services for people with complex communication needs going to be improved somehow by this effort? If so, how?
  • Is there actual evidence that current SLP services aren’t meeting needs? Where is this evidence?
  • Are parents and consumers asking for Board Certified Specialists? Where is the evidence that they are?

What about the risks?

  • The SIG 12 membership has been given no information that the board of this effort is aware of or has considered the risks of harm to clients and to SLPs if AAC specialty certification is adopted.  
  • What risks have been discussed?  Has the board conducted any investigation or analysis of how those risks can be addressed?  Has it concluded they can be prevented or addressed?  If so, what is the basis for that conclusion?  
  • To the extent there is no credible solution to the risks associated with certification, does the board have a report that explains how the risks were compared to the claimed benefits of certification and how the conclusion was reached that the benefits outweigh the risks? 

What about the money?

  • The AAC Specialty Certification Board is moving ahead with their undisclosed process. SIG 12 members were given no information about where money is coming from to hire lawyers to draft agreements or do any work that is not volunteer work.
  • There are grants to support the work through the CSCC, but the CSCC won’t say who is on their own committee or what the process is for getting the money or where that money ultimately comes from.