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DO NOT let a small, unelected group of people make lasting decisions for the entire field!

CONTACT people and STOP this process before we can’t turn back.

Post to the Special Interest Group 12 Online Community (Members only)

Feel free to use this TEMPLATE to express your concerns

Dear [ ],  

I am [an SLP or other] who is concerned about AAC Specialty Certification. In particular: 

There really has been no clear explanation as to why this is needed for the field: 

  • Any talk has been around personal benefit to SLPs. I want to know if people who use AAC and their families will benefit. 
  • I remember we talked about specialty recognition at one point and then stopped. Why did it stop before? Why is it starting again? 

I’m concerned this could make it harder for people to get AAC systems: 

  • No one seems to have investigated the risks in any kind of systematic way. 
  • It’s already difficult to get funding for AAC systems. What if this makes it harder? 
  • Will only AAC specialists be successful in getting funding? 
  • We already have a shortage of SLPs. Doesn’t this make the problem worse? 
  • While we spend time debating this, we aren’t helping people who need AAC. Can’t we just get back to work helping people instead of piling on more procedures? 




Keep in mind that the process includes significant time justifying your qualifications, payment for certification, and costs associated with continued documentation to maintain certification