TO: ASHA Board of Directors in Response to Q&A Meeting at ASHA 2019

Dear Board of Directors,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the Q&A session at ASHA 2019. At the SIG 12 meeting, we were notified by one of the ASHA staff members that individuals who had concerns regarding AAC specialty certification would have the opportunity to do so at the Q&A with the ASHA BOD. While at the board meeting, a question was raised about AAC Specialty Certification which was then directed to the chair of the American Board on AAC Certification, Katya Hill. After Katya’s response, there was no opportunity for individuals in the audience to reply. At this point, I am frustrated and do not know how to proceed.There are many of us who have grave concerns regarding AAC specialty certification and we do not feel heard. Yes, we have contacted the ABAAC Specialty Certification Board and our questions were not addressed. We then contacted the ASHA BOD and the CFCC and our concerns were not addressed there either. The letters and emails were passed onto the ABAAC Specialty Certification Board. We do not feel that there is any oversight to the ABAAC SC board and are deeply worried about the fall out of specialty certification on SLPs and their clients.The bottom line is that ASHA certification is supposedly the gold standard. This was presented to us at the Q&A and also stated on the ASHA certified website ( “Backed by 65 years of accumulated knowledge and clinical expertise, those who earn this credential meet the highest standards of excellence in their professions.”Why are clinicians having to prove their qualifications with specialty certification? There are dire consequences for the individuals we serve if AAC specialty certification takes place. If the ASHA BOD would like to understand these consequences, I welcome an open discussion with its members and members of the CFCC.

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